Clog Remover Tool for Kitchen & Bathroom Sink

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  • Widely used for cleaning bathrooms, kitchen, sinks, tubs, and dredging pipe, drain, sewers and other places clogged often.

  • Multi-tooth drain snakes efficiently catch hair, food and other blockages.

  • Easy to capture a solid obstruction and hook the hair and debris.

  • 62cm long enough to insert to deep pipes, hold the loop, easily pull out blockages.

  • Convenient: Users can grip blockage easily only by pressing the top of the clog remover's handle

  • Tight Gripper: Drain Clog Remover can use to remove hair, food, garbage and other obstacles with a four claw retractable grip or as a grabber for something under the couch or down a vent. More environmental friendly and less expensive than toxic chemical drain cleaners.

  • Smooth: The surface of the cleaner has been polished so that the pipe would not be damaged

  • Good toughness, Easy to bend,Easy to Use, Useful, Durable, Home Cleaning Tool

24.4 Inch Spring Pipe Dredging Tools, Drain Snake, Drain Cleaner Sticks Clog Remover Cleaning Tools Household for Kitchen Sink

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