Crystal Planets Ball

$24.60 – $27.60

6 CM6 CM
just balljust ball
with crystal basewith crystal base
with gold basewith gold base
with silver basewith silver base
$49.20 $24.60

Experience the Solar System like never before! Hold this in the palm of your hand while it gives you a complete 360 Degree view of our universe. This 3D Solar System Crystal Ball creates a highly realistic view of all of our planets like it would be in real life. All are labeled with a beautiful white engraving.

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Made with K9 crystal, an option of 3 bases, gold, silver, or crystal square base. Each piece is perfect for home decor. Additionally, this can be a gift for a loved one or just a present for yourself!

What makes this crystal ball so special?

  • Perfectly spherical glass crystal ball
  • Laser-engraved Solar System Model
  • Makes a beautiful and unique decorative piece in any location
  • A great option for a gift idea of any occasion (Birthday, Valentines, Christmas, Mothers day, etc..)
  • Great educational tool for school
  • Perfect for lovers of astronomy and science
  • Size: 6cm x 6cm
  • Ball Material: K9 Crystal
  • Base: K9 crystal or metal plated base of golden or silver color