Double-Sided Super Glue Tape

$17.99 – $23.99

5M 2cm 2mm5M 2cm 2mm
2M 3cm 1mm2M 3cm 1mm
3M 3cm 1mm3M 3cm 1mm
5M 3cm 1mm5M 3cm 1mm
1M 3cm 1mm1M 3cm 1mm
$37.99 $23.99
Double-Sided Super Glue Tape is one of a kind tape that has multi-function and can be used to stick mostly anything.

✔️ Wide-Range of Use: 

✔️ Thick and Strong:  Made of new Nano Technology and Nano-PU gel material
Super-Glue tape can be stretched, bending, and folded out of shape to meet your needs. It can hold up to 1 KG (2.2 LBS) on a smooth surface so you can arbitrarily paste anything.

✔️ Washable and Reusable: When it gets dirty, you can wash it with water then make sure to dry it to regain its stickiness and it will be ready to be reused. The Tape can be reused up to 500 times! More important, it will not cause any damage to your walls or surfaces, it will not leave any residue or glue when removed.

✔️ Highly ElasticMade of strong tensile elasticity, it can be pulled at will but not break. Sturdy and durable but easy to remove. It can be cut to any size and any length you want, saving space. It can be stretched, bend, and folded out of shape to meet your needs. Works perfectly in a temperature range from -16C (3.2F) to above 62C (150F). 

✔️ Multi-Function: Super-Glue Tape can be used in all aspects of life... You can use it
to fix or paste items such as car phone holder, poster, picture frame, pen holder, wall sticker, hook, small tools, sticky pads, phone cases, patches, decorative patches, wall decor and many more that is closely related to life. Elcios™️ is transparent, you can stick it anywhere and still looks very nice!

✔️ Safe and Easy to Use: The tape is made of Nano gel Material, Non-Toxic
Recyclable, and Eco-Friendly. It's easy to remove and leaves no traces on the wall or any other surface.

Usage Guidance:
  • Clean the surface you want to stick.
  • Cut it to the right size and stick it.
  • Peel off the protective film before use.



Nano Technology PU Material



Package Includes

1 X Super-Glue Tape.