Finger Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Health Monitor

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FDA Approved Pulse Oximeter is used to measure and monitor your pulse, pulse strength and blood oxygen level (SpO2). Show the reading in numbers as well as the waveforms and bar graph to give visual indication of the irregular, weak heartbeat. Tested to exceed medical standards for Pulse Oximeters used by Health Care Professionals. FDA requires pulse oximeters to have SpO2 accuracy of ±2%, the ULAIF pulse oximeter barely deviates more than 1% under lab conditions.

【OLED Display & Alarm Settings 】Luxury Dual-Color OLED display can be rotated, offering different layout options, you can read conveniently or switch to another layout for your caregiver to read. You can set the auditory beeps for every detected pulse and the auditory alarm limits to warn you when your SpO2 and Pulse Rate are beyond set limits.

● 【Quick & Simple】Place your finger in the finger chamber statically, it just needs 5-10 seconds to get a reading. Simply ensure that your finger is stationary in the chamber while you are taking the reading. Fingernail do not face the LED light. Fingernail polish may cause incorrect reading. Simple operation with one button which can not only turn on the oximeter but also the menu function. The pulse oximeter is designed with a latex free silicone material, so it’s safe and comfortable.

● 【Suitable for 1 above Age to Adult】Suitable for athletes and seniors who need to measure their SpO2 and pulse rate. Ideally suitable for mountain climbers, skiers, bikers, aviators. Oximeter finger chamber with smart spring system, accommodates wide range of finger sizes – children over one year old to adult. The oximeter is not for medical use, intended use for spot check of blood oxygen saturation level at home, sports or aviation use only.

● 【Other Features】Auto Shut-down - Low battery display, no operation, 15s automatically shut down to save power. A Protective Carrying Case for traveling and a LANYARD for convenience. 2X AAA BATTERIES Included. Light weight, small


Finger Pulse Oximeter SpO2 Health Monitor Features:


*1.Four test values displayed on the same screen: blood oxygen saturation value, heart rate value, weak perfusion value, respiratory frequency value.

*2.Built-in blood oxygen upper and lower limits, pulse upper and lower limits, alarm bell alert.

*3.One-click startup, simple operation.

*4.Ultra-low energy consumption, energy saving.

*5.It is compact and portable, ready to use and monitor anywhere.

*6.No finger insertion, automatic shutdown in 8 seconds, prolonging product life, energy saving and environmental protection.

Unique features:

*1.Perfusion index

*2.Optical frequency conversion

*3.HD display

*4.real-time monitoring

*5.Waveform display

*6.Heartbeat monitoring


*8.Direction change

*9.Battery reminder

*10.Automatic shut-down

*11.Health alert

*12.Free setting

*13.Shading design

*14.Professional chip



Blood oxygen saturation:0%~100%(±2%)

Pulse rate display:0~250bpm(±1bpm)

Exercise: Intermittent

Display mode: OLED display


net weight:about60g

Working current:≤50mA

Instructions on use:

Sliding battery cover.

Install two batteries into the battery compartment.

Closed battery compartment lid.

Wait a few seconds for the screen to display the measured value.

Press the start button to start the pulse oximeter for measurement.

Insert your finger into the pulse oximeter and keep your finger steady.

Package included:

1 * Pulse Oximeter