Foam Roller, Yoga Block Fitness Equipment Pilates Fitness Gym Exercises Muscle Massage Roller Yoga Brick

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30x9.5cm pink30x9.5cm pink
30x9.5cm black30x9.5cm black
30x9.5cm blue30x9.5cm blue

This amazing foam roller does an unbelievable job at helping to reduce soreness.  It will allows you to train much more effectively and efficiently anywhere anytime. 

Its user typically recovers in records times even after doing the most challenging strength exercises.
It warms up and stretches the fascia before exercises in order to avoid muscle tear and other injuries.
Persistent soreness is now becoming a thing of the past while using this must-have foam roller.

Everyday massage anywhere anytime!
Yoga, fitness training.
Muscle relaxation.

Material: EVA
Weight: 410 g and 330g
Thickness: 13 (mm)
Product Category: Yoga Column
Specifications: 30*9.5cm and 30*8cm
fitness equipment, fitness body, health massage


 fitness equipment, fitness body, health massage