Groot Planter, Baby Groot Flower Pot

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Groot PlanterGroot Planter
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Introducing Baby Groot, the adorable little planter pot that's a perfect addition to your home or office décor! He'd also look fabulous in your outdoor garden spot. Obviously this unique and very cute planter is ideal for displaying houseplants, but the Baby Groot Flower Pot is useful in so many other ways.

Sit him on the desk and use him as a water bottle or cup holder. He can hold your phone. He can even keep your collection of pens, pencils and scissors handy for you until you need them! So, not only is he the cutest thing you've ever laid eyes on, he's also versatile and very helpful.

Choose between Excited Groot, Relaxed Groot, Sweet Groot and Heart Groot or if it's just too hard to decide between them, grab them all!

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