Pilates Toning Bar

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Pilates Toning Bar

Full Body Workout Machine Known As Portable Gym. 

The Pilates Resistance Band and Toning Bar is like having your very own portable Pilates studio. The innovative design includes a steel bar with two resistance-band power cords and nylon foot loops. From bicep and triceps curls to lunges, squats, and more, the Long and Lean Toning Bar lets you get a full-body workout. Sculpt and tone your abs and develop long and lean muscles. Great for yoga stretching and low-impact muscle toning.

FULL BODY WORKOUT SET: Build Muscle, lose weight and tone your arms, abs, legs, and glutes while also getting cardio. It incorporates movements you're used to - like squats, bench press, curls, and rowing - with heavy-duty resistance cords for added benefits.

SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these resistance bands are for you. The adjustable resistances bands mean you can choose the intensity of your resistance-band workouts to suit your personal goals.

POWER CORD RESISTANCE BANDS: The power cord resistance bands are stronger and safer than standard rubber tubing and provide maximum resistance and durability. Great for yoga stretching exercises, resistance band workouts, low impact prevents injury.

PORTABLE: Includes 1 resistance bar 35.82 inch, adjustable resistance cables, make it easy to store or carry. Stick to your fitness plan whenever you're at home, at the office, or on the travel.


Build a Strong Core & Back The Pilates Bar Kit includes everything needed to perform a variety of reformer-style movements to get leaner looking thighs, firmer, tighter buns and a sleek, well-defined core.

Improve Flexibility, Coordination & Balance Includes a digital workout with three full-length practices (Total Body Sculpt, Cardio Blast and Chiseled Arms).

Improve Flexibility, Coordination & Balance