Portable Massage Therapy For Stiff Neck Back & Shoulder

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Having muscle pain due to overwork or stress?

We are offering a product that will give you the ultimate relaxation in just one click anywhere you are! 

Introducing the Portable Mini Neck Massager! Our Portable Mini Neck and Back Massager is an electronic massage pad that offers 15 levels of self massage, including shoulder massage, neck massage, head massage and back massage for proper and appropriate pressure to relieve neck muscle pain. 


Experience a deep relaxing tissue massage instantly anytime, anywhere. Say goodbye to shoulder and neck pain!

Benefits of massage with our device:

? It has 11 gear positions that apply artificial massage technics. 

? It is made of high-quality synthetic leather with a combination of lambskin making it extra smooth and soft when placed on the skin. 

? It is safe on skin and non-irritating.  

? It can be applied on the Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back, Lower Back, Arms, Waist, Feet, Thighs, Legs and Calves, for an instant deep tissue massage. 

? It is designed with a rechargeable battery. It is small and compact that can easily be carried on pocket and bags.


Portable Mini Massager effectively relieves the stress and muscle soreness throughout the body. Can be used to promote local circulation, relax the muscle, or relieve fatigue, this is how to give a good back massage. 



It can positively contribute to the prevention and relief of neck pain and inflammation, numbness in the shoulders and arms, as well as tensions.