Posture Corrector Device, Upright Go, Posture Corrector For Men and Women

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Do you often find yourself sitting slouched at your desk or feel like your shoulders are permanently hunched? There is no reason to endure this pain and poor posture! Correct it in a matter of days with the LunaLetics Upright & Aligned Posture Corrector™ for both Men and Women.

 Poor posture can cause a lack of sleep, low energy, muscle pain and fatigue, and may cause serious muscular damage if not corrected! With the Upright & Aligned Posture Corrector™ you will retrain both your spine and muscles to return to natural alignment, ultimately bringing you back to standing tall and upright again.


  • Constant Comfort: While most think of a brace as being uncomfortable, the Posture Corrector features breathable and light shoulder pads to keep your back cool while the adjustable straps prevent any kind of pinching. The corrector is even sleek enough to be worn underneath clothes!
  • Easy Adjustability: With the wide range of adjustable sizes, the Posture Corrector™ enables any person to get a great, comfortable fit every single time!
  • Posture Importance: Having the correct posture is critically important for back, shoulder, and neck stress relief. Many fall into bad habits of slouching and hunching, but no more! The Upright & Aligned Posture Corrector™ can fix your bad habits in a matter of days!

  • Be Pain Free: Don't tolerate another day of struggle; make the decision now to go back to living without muscle discomfort!
  • Build Confidence: Look taller, stronger, and more confident while living with less stress both mentally and physically.