Sharpie™ - Knife Sharpener

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* Stylish and safety design, easy to clean and storage.

* The non-skid rubber feet ensures your steadiness when sharpening

* 3 stages of sharpening ( Fine, Ceramic and coarse ), ensure the perfect sharpening result

Material: ABS + Stainless steel slot

3 stage slot material: Ceramic+Tungsten steel+ Diamond

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How to use the 3 stage knife sharpener to sharpen the kitchen knife?

–1st Step: “CERAMIC” stage (preparation): For repairing damaged blades and straightening blades before sharpening.
–2nd Step: “COARSE” stage (sharpen): Sharpens the blade and restores the cutting edge to a “V” shape.
–3rd Step: “FINE” stage (fine tune): Polishes the blade and equalizes any surface irregularities that may have been caused.