Smart Christmas Tree

$12.99 – $62.99

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Russian FederationRussian Federation
$57.36 $28.99

✨Say 'Goodbye' To Your Outdated Christmas Lights, And Say Hello Smart Christmas Tree!?

Innovative technology allows Smart Christmas Tree to create a Christmas experience unlike anything you've seen before. And at a price you can afford!

  • Control your tree from your mobile phone (up to 6 unique LED strands)
  • Countless preset color modes
  • Sync your lights to your music
  • Fully customizable tree colors, design the tree how you like it

The smart LEDs are suitable for decorating or illuminating more than just your tree. Impress your friends and family with your custom tree lighting. That you created on your mobile phone.
  • NO SETUP REQUIRED - Smart Christmas Tree come preassembled and workable straight out of the box, ready to use!
  • FLEXIBLE - Easily bends into any shape to fit into any area with our flexible crystal clear PVC thermoplastic tubing.

  • DURABLE - Made to stand severe weather outdoors and indoors (we know kids can be rowdy sometimes).
  • SAFE TO USE - Cool to touch when lit so no one gets hurt no matter what. Safety is our priority.
  • ENERGY SAVING - Energy efficient with low power consumption. And extra long-lasting lifespan.

How many light strands can I connect together to work with the phone application?
- 6 unique strands (up to 120m)

Can I customize the colors and patterns?
- Yes, you can choose from countless preset color modes. Or even create your own design within the app. Color on the tree on the mobile app. And your tree will match its colors.

What size should I get?
- The average 6-8 ft tree uses 15-20m of led fairy lights. Get our 20m size. You can also pair multiple strands together. To achieve a greater distance (up to 120m).