Spiral Swab Silicone Ear Cleaner, The Magic Ear Cleaner

$13.99 – $19.99

1pc Handle 16pc head1pc Handle 16pc head
1pc Handle 16pc head 21pc Handle 16pc head 2
1pc Handle 1pc head1pc Handle 1pc head
$30.42 $19.99


EASY TO USE - Simply twist the handle and the soft, flexible tip with spiral grooves easily removes the earwax.

PAIN-FREE - The soft silicone matches ear holes of different sizes, allows you to remove annoying earwax pain-free and helps you maintain a healthy ear canal.


SPIRAL DESIGN - The ear wax cleaner can remove earwax in an easier and safer way than a regular cotton/metal cleaner with spiral design. Just remove ear wax by screwing the handle as arrow directs.


ECONOMICAL - Our earwax removal kit include a total of 16 soft and flexible replacement tips, it's perfect for the entire FAMILY's ear hygiene.

Package Included:

1 x Spiral Swab Silicone Ear Cleaner

16 x Replacement Heads